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 An Important Message

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PostSubject: An Important Message An Important Message I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2015 12:58 pm

Hey RPG Lounge!

As you may or may not already know, the forums haven’t been as active as they used to be, and that’s a problem the staff have been working on fixing for the last couple of months. Since April, 2015, myself, Cyrus, Diamond and HellaJoe have been busy creating a brand new forum.

And today, us staff are happy to announce Select Your Character!

An Important Message Logo

What is Select Your Character?

Select Your Character is our brand new forum the staff’s been working on since April, 2015. It’s taken us a while to reach our launch, but we’re all very excited to finally be here. Select Your Character, unlike RPG Lounge, which was just based around RPG gaming, is now based around all gaming genres and is equipped with a simpler roleplay sub-forum layout. With a simple layout for roleplaying, we thought it would be easier for users to roleplay to their heart’s content, with the aid of roleplay ‘help’ topics in each sub-forum.

Why Select Your Character?

RPG Lounge is dead. The only active users around the forums are bots and spammers. Instead of trying our hardest to bring back the activity, we knew that it simply wouldn’t work. RPG Lounge had reached its time, and there was no fixing the activity issues this time.

So we decided we’d create a new forum – a forum that isn’t just restricted to the gaming genre of RPG’s, but based around all
genres. A forum with a simpler layout and a role play section designed to make it simple and easy to roleplay, with topics to aid you
whenever you’re stuck on ideas. A forum armed with a dark, simplistic and modern theme. A forum that’s run by committed, active staff members, all sharing the same goal in this new, exciting project.

Select Your Characters Goal

At Select Your Character, us staff plan to expand to two themes – one modern, one retro, have a large userbase and post and topic count. We’d also love to see a large game review database, multiple active roleplays flared with creativity and many competitions and giveaways.

Our goal has been the same since we started to create Select Your Character, and it’s a goal us staff all passionately share.

So now that Select Your Character’s gates are open, we’d love it if you could join our community!

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An Important Message Banana_pedo_bear_by_zorkky
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An Important Message

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